Shubh Dhan Varsha

Shubh Dhan Varsha

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Shubh Dhan Varsha

It is an amazing spiritual thing with full of Mantras. Putting it in your office or at home keeps you away from any money loosing thing. It can bring prosperity, happiness, wealth, success where we put it. It turns your wishes into reality and keeps hoping. You should keep Shubh Dhan Varsha Yantra in your cupboard, cashbox, wallet or purse or in the temple of your home. It is a very power full yantra, It works as shield to keep you safe from any financial crisis which are otherwise very harmful to you or helps you to overcome any financial crisis.
Shubh Dhan Varsha Yantra is a group of following Lockets and Pratimas:

  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Avtaar Locket
  • Shri Siddh Maha LaxmiPratima
  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Avtaar Yantra
  • Shri Siddh Meru Sthal
  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Charan Paduka
  • Shri Kuber Ki Kunji

Each of Pratimas, Lockets and all other aspects of Shubh Dhan Varsha Yantra has its own importance. All lockets of Shubh Dhan Varsha Yantra is made of 24 carat pure gold. Shree Lakshmi Kuber Dhanvarsh Yantra bestows wealth and property and also protects the person from all sorts of dangers.

Key Features:

  • Ideal For Home Or Office.
  • Ideal For Prosperity.
  • Keeps You Protected From Negative Powers.
  • Can Be Kept At Your Workshipping Place.


  • Makes you lucky.
  • Brings success in your business and makes you rich.
  • Spreads your name and gives you fame.
  • Removes negative energy from your environment.
  • Makes you powerful than your enemies.
  • Takes care of overall happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Characteristics of Shubh Dhan Varsha Yantra:

  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Avtaar Locket : It bring good changes to your personality
  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Avtaar Locket : It bring  peace and fame to you
  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Pratima : It bring happiness and prosperity where you place it
  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Avtaar Yantra: Acts as a shield to your home or office
  • Shri Kuber Ki Kunji : It brings the grace of money to you
  • Shri Siddh Maha Laxmi Charan Paduka : Fill Positive energy in you and make you strong to take decisions

It fills lot of positive energy in you and by having it nearby you, you will feel courage to do any new business or finance related things. And that brings the confidence in you to do the business and achieve success.

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