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Allah Barkat Locket for Wealth and Success‎. Allah locket is not just a regular jewellery but is an amazing locket with the blessings of Allah wearing the pendent helps you seek Allah’s blessing anywhere and at anytime. It helps in preventing your family from the evil eye and saves them from all the difficult situations in life. It also enhances your health and keep you fit and strong. It bring ease to your life through serving all your needs and requirements. Allah locket is plated with gold and silver foil along with American diamonds that makes it look more beautiful for your to wear in your daily life. It can help you meet all the goals in life without any abeyance. Wearing this locket will help you get solution for all the troubles and led a blissful life.

Features of Allah Barkat Locket

  • Beautiful spiritual Allah pendant Lated with gold and silver foil along with American diamonds carved in it.
  • It can help you seek blessing of one mighty lord or Allah be it anywhere you are.
  • It eases your life and help you lead a smooth life, preventing you from all evils.

Special Offer  

  • 2 Allah Locket (Silver & Gold) + 2 chains (Silver & Gold)

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