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Posture Corrector

It is a comfortable strap-on device which will improve your muscle memory and change your poor posture.It will have to be worn daily for 2-3 hours, to accelerate your progress for a good back posture.

Smart Sensor

Unlike traditional posture correctors,It comes with an intelligent sensor that detects even the smallest changes in posture. It provides real-time feedback whenever you slouch. It is the only posture corrector that creates vibrations if your posture changes more than 25 degrees. These gentle vibrations will alert you to get back to your original posture.

Every Day Use

We believe that the body has the capability of correcting itself.It provides that gentle nudge required to aid the body in its journey of awareness. You can wear this daily during your routine activities such as watching television, during office hours, walking, cooking or even when using your phone! It does not put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders, it is extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

Comfartable,Durable & Adujstable

Posture Corrector comes with premium quality stretchable straps that are soft and durable. Additionally, the adjustable buckles make the fit customized, firm and extremely comfortable.

Extensive Battery Life

This device may seem compact, but can last for more than 20 days on a single charge! It’s 1.5-hour fast charging speed is all you need to use this product for as long as required.

Long term corrective benefits

The posture corrector promotes strengthening muscles and aligning your spine so that you can now stand up straight with your shoulders back, even when not wearing your brace.

Versatile and flexible sizing

the posture corrector- s-m is designed for chest circumference: 75-90 centimetres. Please measure your chest circumference just below your under arms for proper fit.

Adjustable and easy to wear

your posture corrector is designed with two things in mind- premium support and ease of use. Just like putting on and adjusting a backpack, you can easily put on and adjust your posture corrector to form fit your body and provide the targeted support to relieve your pain  

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