Surveil HD Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera FishEye Panoramic Mini Lamp IR CCTV Home Security Camera

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Surveil HD Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera FishEye Panoramic Mini Lamp IR CCTV Home Security Camera

In today’s world where trust and honesty are in short supply, and morality has gone for a toss, it has become a lot important and sensible as well, to be on your guard, round-the-clock, and keep a tab on things and developments, to ‘be on the safer side’.

It’s crucial to keep a watch on your kids, aged parents, workers, and belongings, through hidden, wireless spy cameras. Now the old and ‘clearly visible’ CCTV Cameras may not do the job, or lead to the desired results. In fact, sometimes, these may even have the opposite effect.

You would need something that’s less conspicuous or obtrusive. In other words, you would need Bulb Cameras. You would require Surveil HD Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera FishEye Panoramic Mini Lamp IR CCTV Home Security Cameras.

These are excellent wireless motion light bulb cameras for iphones. Through these Wi-Fi cameras, created for home security with night vision, you will have 360-degree views, so that you can keep a watch on what matters for you, without any issues whatsoever, while you aren’t around.   

With these IR light bulb cameras, you can clearly see up to a expanse of 32 feet even in pitch darkness. Yes, you can easily see crystal-clear images even in complete darkness.

After the light bulb camera links to WIFI, you may access the living stream using your iPhone/Android cell phones/tablets/Ipad/Windows PC remotely when you aren’t physically present at your home, from wherever you are.

All you have to do is: download the app meant for it to your mobile gadget and start watching and observing inside just 5 minutes.

No wonder, this makes the device the perfect security tool that you may use to protect your property, to watch your kids, elderly parents, and/or pets wirelessly on your Smartphone or tablet anytime, and from anywhere when you're not around.

Product Details

LED BULB WITH PANORAMIC CAMERA: Stylish & modern LED bulb with incorporated 360 panoramic camera

Night Vision: Built-in IR LEDs with ICR help you see and record what you want to see even in complete darkness.

Steady 360° watch captures all minus the requirement of physical rotating

Powerful Mobile App: Complete management of camera & LED lights via mobile application, to facilitate clear, 3D observation of the proceedings.

Switch ON/OFF & adjust LED light visibility from mobile App. 

Product Features

Model Name: Bulb Security Camera

Body Matter: Plastic

Shape: Dome

Where you can use it: Indoor & Outdoor (weather rated)

Type: Wi-Fi

Real Resolution: 2 mp Full HD

Store Data on Micro SD Card

Store Data Online (Cloud Storage)

Smooth, unobtrusive, modest design

May see to a maximum distance of 25 feet in the dark via its powerful infrared sensors

Audio Recording Facility

What Else?

  1. Remote Access
  2. HD Panoramic View
  3. Two Way Audio

What’s Inside the Box?

A. Security Camera

B. Bulb holder

C. 4 screws and small pieces of plastic

D. 1 hex key tool

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