Infrared Walker Machine

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Infrared Walker Machine

Infrared home walker with reflexology therapy free twister infrared heat and acupressure treatment for foot, this walker is a scientifically designed machine which gives its user exercise for the full body and all the benefits of 10000 brisk walk steps in just 15 minutes of use. 10 speed swinging 2 speed vibration infrared home walker with reflexology therapy is a foot massager which delivers precise stimulations to vital points of the sole and as a result the user can enjoy the benefits of reflexology.

10 speed swinging 2 speed vibration soft cushion foot rest infrared disinfector multi-function controller magnetotherapy back pad disk increases blood oxygenation improves metabolism total stress relief loosens stiff muscles it is beneficial for patients suffering from: diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, etc.
The machine promotes general health by increasing blood circulation in the user’s body. Helps in infrared massage for feet.
Improves blood circulation strengthens your immune system corrects certain spinal misalignments eliminates fatigue and reinforces healthy sleep patterns increases metabolism increases blood circulation and blood production improves the digestive system improves functions of internal organs reduces overall body weight alleviates stress-related conditions tones and firms the body releases waste and toxins relieves upper and lower back pain infrared therapy is a great treatment.

Technical Specifications:

  • AC voltage- 220 to 230 v, 50 hz
  • Electric consumption- 50 watts
  • Timer- 15 minutes
  • Approximate weight- 5.6kgs (regular), 6.0kgs (digital)

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