Fat blaster master blaster

Fat Blaster Master Blaster

Fat Blaster Master Blaster

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The Fat Master Blaster. Its like having an entire gym in one compact portable chair.

With the help of the Master Blaster you can do over 22 different exercises. it targets your 5 noticeable trouble zones:

  • Abs & obsequies ,
  • Back &  shoulders,
  • Arms & chest,
  • Gluts & hips, thighs & Calves and 5 underline trouble zones too,
  • Flexibility, muscle stiffness,
  • Strength & endurance,
  • Joint mobility,
  • Blood circulation& general well being

Use it daily for 5 to 10 min and your fat will reduce, cellulite will disappear, muscle strength will improve, your stamina and endurance will get better. So why wait, get ready to get a new look & recharge your confidence.


  • The master blaster has been designed to give you the ultimate comfort & luxury while you exercise.
  • To support your neck there is an adjustable neck rest with rolling cushions that can be adjusted up to 3 levels.
  • The high base ensures good balance while you exercise.
  • As per your height, the length of the Master Blaster can be adjusted up to 3 levels.
  • Soft rolling cushions provide support and massage you back as you exercise.
  • Industrial strength spring provides resistance for upper body exercises.
  • Strong reflex rubber provides resistance for lower body exercises.
  • Variable & flexible seating positions that can be used to do a range of exercises..
  • It is compact and folds away for easy storage.


This band used along with your sculptor will help you to get a power packed muscles workout. Biceps, triceps, wings, shoulders, not only this but you can train your all Major muscles by the use of this band... yes you also get this two Resistance Band worth rupees 1000 … absolutely free.

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