Get in Shape Supreme Bodysuit

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Product Overview:

The slimming inner wear most of us wear could not make us trim or reduce body as per the claims. But the products like Get in Shape Supreme Bodysuit is an exception. It works wonders with women having different body shapes as well as age limit. 

How it works:

The product has superb roll overs and it brings good control to the body of the women. Even the women with bulky body looks slim in any attire they wear along with this Get in Shape Supreme Bodysuit as the inner. It is light and covers entire back and front with good thigh support, hence all women will love using it. 


  • Shapes your body an provide slimmer figure.
  • Lifts the buttocks, flattens abs, slims waist and thigh.
  • Made with easy to breathe micro fiber fabric.
  • 80 Nylon, 20 Elastane.
  • Cotton Gusset.
  • Available in all different sizes.


  • Makes you look slim and sexy.
  • Light in weight.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Helps in fitting clothes in a better way.
  • Hides all your fat and provides better fitting of clothes.
  • Made of NEW free – breathing easy- to – wear micro- fiber fabric.
  • Clothes fit better and look better.


Total Improvement of the body shape will be visible in less time with the use of Get in Shape Supreme Bodysuit. Hence women look so professional in any attire they wear. It is a product which never shrinks or get dirty quickly. The fabrics used in this product is full of nylon coming up to 80% for providing extreme comfort to users. Cotton and spandex forms the remaining. The fibers are long lasting and durable. It is a super light, and can be carried anywhere. Entire body parts of women above the thighs can be maintained in beautiful shapes by using this supreme slim n lift body shaper. 

What it includes:

The product of different colors and shapes will be available as per the likes of the users. 

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