Mini Folding Washing Machine Portable Foldable

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  • Foldable Washing Machine:400 L *230 W *405 H mm with Washing Capacity: 20 LITER 2 KG CLOTHING

  • It has a SEMI automatic cleaning function that makes your clothes super clean without residue and irritants. Suitable for those who can't use large machines, others like washing things alone or saving time to avoid going to the laundry

  • Mini washing machine The mini washing machine can increase the pleasant colors and reduce the amount of laundry in small apartments, villas or camping areas. Quick to install and easy to use

  • Foldable bucket type is convenenient to use and to store; Can be hung on the walls of toilets and balconies or folded in cabinets; It's an indepdent washing machine which is easy to use; Perfect for use in Camping, Apartments, Dorms, RV and Business Trip

  • Versatile The mini washing machine has high-frequency vibration and ultrasonic disinfection functions and is ideal for baby clothes, underwear, socks, towels, etc. 

  • In addition to the clothes cleaning and plaster, glasses, fruits, etc. are great

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